Dear pool users

We are of course aware of the Government’s announcement yesterday that open air pools can now legally open from this Saturday 11th. However, as a Committee we had already made the decision not to open this year and, sadly, this last minute announcement does not change anything.

We have some work to remedy cracks in the pool planned for next week and then it would take up to three weeks to get the pool up and running. It would not be financially viable for us to open for a few weeks in August, with all the work that is needed to open and all the safety measures that would need to be put in place. Also due to Covid-19, as with other open air pools locally, we have been unable to train the lifeguards needed to keep the pool and our customers safe. We are a volunteer led pool and it would not be fair to put our volunteers under the pressures needed to operate safely. The good news is that the childrens play area is now open again.

Meanwhile we are pressing on with painting the outside of the pool buildings and preparing for a bumper season in 2021.

Thank you for your understanding through this difficult year and we look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Greystoke and District Sports Association