Dear pool user

The Greystoke pool committee has continued to keep a close eye on the implications of Covid-19 for opening this summer. Currently, government regulations still do not allow swimming pools to open. 

We anticipate any future regulations that allow opening but with social distancing would be very difficult to manage safely and so, like Lazonby and Shap, we do not expect the pool to be open for general use this year

For now the play area also has to remain closed, but we will keep this under review.

We will be keeping the guidelines under review in case it becomes possible to open the pool in a limited way.

We are going to take this period as an opportunity to press ahead with pool maintenance and completing the refurbishment project (especially the re-painting of the exterior walls) now that regulations on meeting outdoors have eased. Please note, we will be filling the pool later this summer to test the systems and to allow us to install a new chemical dosing system. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.