SamThe first meeting of the ‘playing field committee’ met in Greystoke village hall on 12th of May, 1963. The newly acquired field, which required levelling and turfing before it could be used, slowly started to develop itself as a recreation ground for the local community. In 1973, after many years of endless fundraising and hard work, Greystoke open air swimming pool finally opened on the site. 35 years and a lot of hard work later, the recreation facilities have slowly evolved over time to what they are today.
We have a very active committee and many fundraising volunteers who are working hard to maintain and improve the facilities. We have recently won over £11,000 in grants which will be invested in new pool covers and new lifeguard chair; repainting the pool and improving the cafe. We intend to carry on fundraising and applying for grants to improve the buildings and surrounds in future years.

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